11 Reasons Why a Great Big New Tax on Electric Vehicles is a BAD Idea

1 // It’s bad for the climate and air pollution

2 // This is, in essence, a great big new tax on NOT polluting

3 // We need more EVs on Australian roads, not less

4 // A lack of policies supporting EV’s in Australia is holding us back

5 // Australians want governments to make it easier, not harder, to own EVs

6 // Fuel taxes don’t even pay for roads!

7 // There are better ways to raise revenue

8 // It will raise very little money

“Collections from the proposed user charge are expected to be very low across the forward estimates while there are still very few electric and zero emissions vehicles in South Australia,” — State Budget 2020–21, Budget Paper 3 — Budget Statement, Page 33

9 // The cost of an EV is already a big disincentive

10 // It will be difficult and expensive to administer

11// EVs are awesome



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