11 Reasons Why the Economic Case for Stage 3a Tax Cuts Has Not Been Made

1 // Giving away a $95 billion dollar tax cut means billions of dollars less for schools, hospitals and other services

2 // Someone earning $45,001 will have the same marginal tax rate as someone on $200,000 a year

3 // The highest income earners find themselves in the winner’s circle — again

4 // Men get twice the benefit of this tax cut compared to women

5 // Already, the 7 richest families in Australia own more wealth as the poorest 1.8 million Australian families combined

6 // It will severely undermine our progressive taxation system and cost billions.

7 // The claim that these tax cuts would benefit most Australians because the average full time wage is $82,000 is misleading at best

8 // The idea that these tax cuts are needed ‘to address bracket creep’ is a furphy

9 // What’s the rush? — If the tax cuts don’t kick in for another four years, why do they need to be rushed through Parliament now?

10 // And if these tax cuts don’t kick in until 2024–25, they cannot stimulate the economy right now

11 // The economic case for the Stage 3a tax cuts has not been made

an independent think-tank based in Canberra > australia.org.au

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