13 reasons to donate to The Australia Institute before the End of Financial Year

Here at The Australia Institute, we barrack for ideas, not political parties and we’re proud to say that we change minds.

>> Yes, double my donation today!<<

1 // Exposed the revenue time bomb in the Budget

2 // Our new Climate & Energy Program is kicking goals

3 // Adani: we have to stop building new coal mines

4 // Hands off our ABC

5 // Murray Darling Basin Plan Sham

6 // Richard Denniss’ Quarterly Essay — Dead Right: How neoliberalism ate itself and what comes next

7 // We need a Federal Anti-Corruption Watchdog — with teeth

8 // Putting research behind how everyone’s feeling

9 // Keeping watch with Gas & Coal Watch

10 // Australia Day: Australians don’t mind what day it’s on, just so long as we have one

11 // Savings mega bucks with ‘negawatts’

12 // The Australia Institute Tasmania continues to kick goals

13 // The Government takes an oldie but a goodie:

And we’ve got so much more to come —

>> Yes, double my donation today!<<

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