16 reasons the case for a company tax cut for big business has collapsed

1/ Giving business a $65 billion dollar tax cut means billions of dollars less for schools, hospitals and other services.

2/ The big four banks get an extra $9.5 billion dollars. Really.

3/ The big winners are tax avoiders and foreign shareholders.

Is it the Business Council of Australia or the Business Council of Australian Subsidiaries?

4/ There is no correlation between lower company tax rates, employment, or economic growth.

5/ Companies do business in Australia because they want to do business in Australia.

6/ Just 15 companies share a third of the benefits of the cut.

7/ There are better ways to create jobs and help the economy.

8/ The benefits are based on absurd assumptions (to put it lightly).

9/ When will the company tax rate be low enough to satisfy big business?

10/ The public know it and CEOs privately admit it: the company tax cut will not increase wages or jobs.

Business Council CEO survey results as reported in the AFR
Australia Institute polling in Tasmania

11/ What’s the rush? — If the tax cuts for big business don’t kick in for over four years, why do they need to be rushed through the Senate now?

12/ We have the evidence from Trump’s company tax cuts — they did nothing for employment or investment.

13/ Vital public services and infrastructure will be the first to go.

14/ The company tax cuts aren’t even worth it.

15/ Voters don’t believe it will work or want the government to do it.

16/ Not only do the economic claims not stack up, company tax cuts are political poison.

an independent think-tank based in Canberra > australia.org.au

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