2017 ends with rush of good news for No New Coal Mines

A world tackling climate change needs fewer coal mines, not more. Australian governments still refuse to put a moratorium on new coal mines, and our emissions are climbing.

However, we’re going into 2018 with a sense of optimism, because 2017 is ending with a rush of good news for #nonewcoalmines.

Here are some highlights we wanted to share with you —

In Australia’s export coal industry >

  • Australia’s biggest and most controversial proposal, the Adani coal mine, is facing a string of setbacks.

In coal lobbying >

  • In 2017, the Minerals Council of Australia went from getting a lump of coal into the House of Representatives and helping derail a Clean Energy Target, to sacking its CEO and losing numerous member companies. MCA’s coal advocacy was out of all proportion with its diverse membership and desire of some members like BHP to be ‘climate leaders’. BHP will be announcing soon if they will leave the MCA.

In domestic energy >

  • AGL stared down pressure from the Prime Minister to keep the aging Liddell coal power plant open another 5 years, instead announcing a mixture of storage, renewables and gas. Meanwhile, half of Liddell’s boilers are out of action.

Internationally >

  • Twenty countries — including France, UK, Canada, New Zealand — announced the international Powering Past Coal Alliance, pledging to phase out coal power in their domestic power supply by 2030.

Don’t get us wrong. Emissions are high and edged up this year, when they need to come down, fast.

But there are promising signs and no good reasons to delay

The sooner we stop building new coal mines, the better.

From all of the team at The Australia Institute, thanks for reading.
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