8 Reasons Why Drilling for Oil in the Great Australian Bight is a Garbage Idea

1 // FACT. Equinor have already had 239 oil spills. We only have one Great Australian Bight.

2 // Thousands of existing Australian jobs will be put at risk

3 // Massive public subsidies mean there is limited opportunity for public economic benefit

4 // The environmental impact is simply not worth the risk

Operation Jeedara photo by Eliza Muirhead and Tim Watters of Fair Projects

5 // Equinor’s own modelling shows an oil spill could reach anywhere from Albury WA to Sydney’s northern beaches

6 // Why would we risk an oil spill just to unleash a carbon bomb that will only make climate change worse?

7 // The Traditional Custodians of the land oppose it

“When I got up to speak at Equinor headquarters… I said, ‘consultation is important but none of the Equinor people came to talk with the Mirning Elders that hold the knowledge and custodianship of that Country’. I said, ‘you are not welcome in this country’ and they put their heads down in shame.” — Bunna Lawrie, Indigenous Elder of the Mirning people

8 // It’s not just South Australians who are opposed, in fact, most Australians don’t want it

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