The big rift: Australia’s stance on climate and the Pacific

For the vulnerable, low-lying island nations in the Pacific, climate change is not a political football — it’s about survival.

Picture: Jamila Toderas, Canberra Times

Former President of Kiribati, Anote Tong, joins the Australia Institute’s Follow the Money podcast to talk climate change.

“We may reach a point of no return very soon and that, for the Pacific, would be disastrous.

For us it is about our survival, it’s not about economics, it’s about people and whether they will continue to have a place to call home.”

“There will come a time that we can no longer ignore climate change.”

What is the Pacific looking to Australia to do?

“We are looking to Australia to provide leadership because, in the Prime Minister’s own words, we are a part of the Pacific family. As a family we must learn to look after each other.

“It is immoral doing what we are doing, while knowing the science of climate change and what it means.”

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