LNG: The new ‘low tar’ cigarette?

Just as ‘low tar’ cigarettes were aimed at keeping people smoking, WA’s big gas export companies want to lock Australia into using Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) for decades to come.

Image source: AAP

“Ignoring carbon is a luxury we believe LNG developers no longer have, and though corporates have chastised WA’s EPA, we believe the EPA has come up with a solid compromise to treat carbon emissions”

The extraction of “Natural” gas (methane) produces greenhouse gas emissions at every stage of the process. It leaks methane during drilling, during processing, when it is being transported through pipelines, and when it is being burnt. Methane is an extremely potent greenhouse gas, and just small amounts of leakage have a huge impact on emissions. Astoundingly our governments don’t even monitor methane leakage. Instead, they make assumptions about how much gas leaks from various stages of the production process. These are known as emissions “factors” and are based largely on dated research from — guess who — the gas industry. Time and again, actual measurements in the field have shown that methane leakage is far higher than the assumed “factor” levels.

But worst of all, it is locking us into creating more gas emissions globally for decades to come, while locking out zero emissions renewables.

Then there is the claim that asking these big polluters to pay for their emissions will somehow cost jobs. This is absurd and misleading.



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