Majority of Queenslanders don’t want subsidies for Adani Coal Mine

Rally at Queensland Parliament House. Photo: AMCS

New polling shows Queenslanders strongly oppose state and federal subsidies for the Adani coal proposal — with the more supporters of all parties, including among LNP and One Nation voters, opposing these coal mining subsidies than supporting them.

“Three times as many Queenslanders oppose taxpayer subsidies — from both federal or state governments, to the Adani mine as support them,” Deputy Director of The Australia Institute, Ebony Bennett said.

“The people of Queensland don’t want their government to accept this subsidised loan to Adani when it could be going to projects in other industries, including tourism, agriculture and renewable energy.”

“Queenslanders do not believe the hype around this project and don’t hold much truck with a company demanding free unlimited water, taxpayer funded rail and free coal to get their project up and running.”

Commissioned by the Australia Institute, the ReachTEL poll showed 59% of Queenslanders oppose Federal and State taxpayers’ money being used to fund Adani’s project. 37% said they were strongly opposed and just 19% supported subsidies.

Half of voters (50%) also think Premier Palaszczuk would be breaking an election promise by giving Adani a $320 million dollar royalty holiday; including 42% of Labor voters. 24% did not think it would be breaking an election promise.

When asked about spending federal infrastructure funding on a rail line for the Adani Project, only 22% of Queenslanders believed the state should accept the loan with 57% saying that the loan should be rejected.

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