Personal income tax cuts — How does your electorate fare?

The Australia Institute has completed an electorate-by-electorate analysis of the governments proposed income tax cuts. Here’s what our research shows:

1 / The biggest winners are all wealthy inner city electorates in Melbourne and Sydney. The losers are spread across the country.

2 / The Prime Minister’s own seat of Wentworth are the biggest winners: receiving almost double the national average benefit.

3 / NSW is not only home to the highest benefiting electorate, it’s also home to the lowest.

4 / In Victoria, it’s clear that regional areas miss out.

5 / South Australians are some of the biggest losers from these income tax cuts.

6 / Tasmania as a whole benefits the least of any state in Australia

7 / No surprise: Julie Bishop’s electorate tops Western Australia

8 / ACT electorates above average, but neither federal electorate makes the national top ten.

9 / The government’s income tax bill should be split or amended.

an independent think-tank based in Canberra >

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