PM blames drought, but there’s been over 100 cases of maladministration in Murray Darling in less than one year

Hundreds and thousands of native fish have been killed in the Murray Darling Basin. Drought is the catalyst, but mismanagement and policy failure of implementing the Murray Darling Basin Plan is the cause.

ABC report on the mismanagement of the Murray Darling Basin

Here are just a few instances maladministration of the Murray Darling Basin Plan has been reported:

1 // There are multiple allegations of water theft

2 // WaterNSW had to be investigated for misleading the ombudsman

3 // Evidence shows billions of litres was taken from the Barwon River, yet the Murray Darling Basin Authority did nothing about this until the ABC’s Four Corners report

4 // The Murray Darling Basin Plan has been altered in favour of large irrigators

5 // The then NSW Water Minister removed a pumping embargo at the request of upstream irrigators

6 // The NSW regional water minister, Niall Blair, quietly granted himself the power to approve illegal floodplain works retrospectively

7 // Then Federal Water Minister Barnaby Joyce boasted about taking water away from the ’greenies’ and giving it to agriculture.

8 // The entire state of NSW had fewer water enforcement & compliance staff than the City of Canada Bay has parking inspectors, the NSW Ombudsman found

9 // Buybacks of water rights from three large properties, as part of the Murray-Darling Basin Plan, proceeded without tender

10 // It was revealed that excessive payments for water rights in the Murray-Darling Basin were made, with the government paying a quarter more for the water than the seller even asked

11 // In May 2018 the Coalition & Labor made a deal to pass 36 projects worth over $1 billion dollars through the Senate.

12 // Broken Hill’s water supply will now be sourced from the Murray, via a new pipeline, despite pleas from the community

13 // There is alleged fraudulent use of billions of dollars of Commonwealth funds

14 // In 2018, cotton growers enjoyed a bumper year ‘harvest bonanza’, despite water shortages at the end of the system that were blamed on drought

15 // This is just a fraction of 100 reports by media on the maladministration of the implementation of the Murray Darling Basin Plan.

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