The greatest trick Tony Abbott ever pulled

In the latest episode of podcast, The Lucky Country, Richard Denniss and Ben Oquist break down Tony Abbott’s attack on renewables

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott

“This renewable energy target is doing massive damage to our country and that’s why there should be no subsidies for any further renewables now.”

— Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott

But here’s the simple truth: the Renewable Energy Target is not a subsidy, just like requiring cars to have seat belts isn’t a subsidy for seat belts.

Just as most people are willing to demand and pay for clean water, clean food and clean streets, poll after poll shows the majority of Australians are keen to get clean energy as well.

We can do this the easy way or we can do it the hard way

Is it true that Australia has ‘too much’ renewable energy, and that it’s causing us problems?

“There’s this myth about ‘base load power’.

But Australia effectively has a peak load problem not a base load problem — those spikes in electricity demand in particularly in Summer.”

“Old coal fired power stations aren’t very ‘agile’, they’re just not designed for modern energy use.”

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