What Australia Can Learn From New Zealand with Laura Tingle

In this episode of Follow the Money, Laura Tingle, chief political correspondent for the ABC’s 7.30 discusses what Australia can learn from New Zealand; how both countries have been governed and the different way each has dealt with its colonial legacy.

New Zealand has been held up as a model for everything from privatisation, to the conduct of politics, to the response to COVID-19.

“Everybody [in New Zealand] knows that they might have to be nice to the other parties in the system. And as a result, everybody does tend to be more civilised.”
- Laura Tingle, in discussion with The Australia Institute.

“It’s a question of New Zealand’s honour.”

“I remember reading that quote and just being blown away by, I thought it was just extraordinary just because you go, when was the last time anybody talked about honour in Australia about anything?”
- Laura Tingle, in discussion with The Australia Institute.

Both Australia and New Zealand have been among the most successful countries in controlling COVID-19, and in terms of the economic response, have had similar approaches.

Listen to Laura Tingle on Follow the Money with Alex Sloan and Ben Oquist here.

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