Where to get all of The Australia Institute’s Budget Analysis

Next Tuesday the Federal Government will hand down its 2018 Budget.

As we’ve said previously, the Budget is one of the Government’s most values-laden documents because not only is it about choices — what the Government chooses to fund and what they do not — but it’s all there in black and white for all to see.

Politicians will try and hide these choices by speaking in econobabble (and Treasurer Scott Morrison is particularly well-versed in the pseudo-language) and count on the fact that most of the Australian public aren’t economists.

So we at The Australia Institute are here to help:

Here’s how to keep up to date with all The Australia Institute’s Budget Analysis:

On Budget Night

As is tradition, The Australia Institute will be live-tweeting the Treasurer’s Budget Speech and subsequent interview.

Tune in to the Budget speech on the ABC at 7.30pm, and interviews with Leigh Sales and the Treasurer and Shadow Treasurer directly afterwards.

Make sure you’re following us on twitter:

Budget Analysis

We will be emailing our annual Budget Analysis Wrap to our supporters in the days after the Budget.

Make sure you get The Australia Institute 2018 Budget Analysis

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2018 Budget Wrap Podcast

Due to the overwhelming response to both our podcast Follow the Money and our traditional Budget Wrap Politics in the Pub here in Canberra, this year we’ve decided to combine the two so now everyone can now listen to our Budget Wrap via podcast.

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